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The Surf Series

Featuring innovative Forward Drive systems from Mercury and Volvo Penta, Four Winns' Surf achieves and delivers the ultimate in sport boat versatility.  There's no need for discretion with HD Surf; you'll never have to compromise the agenda again.

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No Compromise

Luxury wake performance at this level is unheard of, and there's nothing else in the industry like it.  Wake tabs, ballast systems, and the unique FWD drive work in unison to create surf wakes with superior height and push.

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Key Series Features

Ready to Surf

Top-of-the-line wake efforts from GPS controls, wake towers, quick-fill ballast, and wake enhancement tabs tailor the sport to everyone's desire.

Volvo Fwd Drive

This innovative system adds extra bite on acceleration, grants the ability to trim, increases fuel economy, and gives swimmers a sense of relief knowing the prop is tucked under the boat, away from legs and feet.

Complete Control

Command the water beyond belief through Touchscreen controls with GPS positioning.  Adjusting speed and ramp to each boarder's sweet spot is always on-the-fly - giving way to less work and louder music!

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