Stable-Vee® Hull

The Stable-Vee® running surface - an innovation that turned the industry upside-down in 1993 - is still the best thing running. So simple ... so effective ... Four Winns continues to have some of the smoothest running, and best handling boats in the world.

Confident Cornering

Nowhere is the Stable-Vee® advantage more evident than during a hard-cranking turn. The running surface clings to the water like it's on rails and stays flat - for a more car-like feel. So you can turn the corner with confidence and leave all the look-alike hulls in your wake.

After Pods

The “After-Pod” design has been a Four Winns staple for years. Through their stepped, angled design After-Pods minimize bow rise at slow speeds and reduce drag at high speeds to maximize acceleration, visibility, and operating efficiency.

Lateral Stability

The extended running surface helps distribute the boat's weight, providing better lateral stability while running or at rest.

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