Key Advantages


1. Side Guide

Side guides only matter sometimes... but when they do, you'll be glad you have them! These vertical rails help keep the boat straight during cross-current or cross-wind conditions, eliminating stressful situations at the launch (NA on some models).

Not available on all models.

2. Fully Welded Fabrication

Unlike other trailers that incorporate bolts and clamps, a Four Winns trailer is fully-welded. There's nothing to loosen over time, and fewer places for corrosion to creep in.

3. Closed Box Steel Construction

Our trailers are constructed of 11-guage closed box tube steel. Many competitive trailers are fabricated using open channel, c-stock - potentially compromising strength and structural integrity.

Not available on all models.

4. Low-Profile Design

Boats that sit too high on a trailer are tough to tow; you'll feel it in the tow vehicle's responsiveness and handling. Our trailers are low-profile which keeps the boat's center of gravity lower. It's easier, safer and more fuel-efficient!

5. Non-Marking Bow Rollers

The forward portion of the keel rests against these high density rollers which are made of a special material that won't leave scuff marks.

6. Fold Away Tongue

Planning to store your boat in the garage or outbuilding? The handy fold-away or removable trailer tongue feature will minimize space requirements or reduce wasted space. It also can help prevent theft!

7. Heavy-Duty Jack Stand

This workhorse of a jack stand has a rotating wheel base and locking winch system to assist in the launching and loading process.

8. Polyurethane Finish

Compare with the spray enamel used on some trailers, our electrostatically-applied polyurethane is both longer-lasting and more resisteant to the long term effects of sun, salt and temperature changes. Plus, the color is precision-matched to your boat's gelcoat color. Beautiful! Back to Top »

9. Bearing Protection

TurboLube is an oil bath bearing system that features a plastic hub so you can see the oil level in each wheel.

Not available on all models.

10. High Quality Tires

This is where rubber hits the road, literally! Four Winns utilizes high quality tires on every trailer it manufactures.

11. Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are less prone to heat build-up, which means they provide more potent stopping power even under demanding conditions.

Not available on all models.

12. LED Submersible Lights

When you hit the brakes, you want the motorists behind you to know it - and they will, thanks to brighter, LED-Style lights in the trailer.

13. Fixed Tie-Downs

No more misplaced tie-downs! Four Winns has attached the strap mechanism to the trailer frame so you have ready access to this important safety feature.

Not available on all models.

14. Longitudinal Bunks

While roller-style trailers may look easier to load, the simple truth is that bunk trailers such as ours do the job more effortlessly - with perfect alignment each time. What's more, thes bunks cradle the boat along each chine, so the weight is distributed across a greater area. More support. Less stress.


Four Winns boats are powered by some of the best engines in the industry: Evinrude®, MerCruiser®, Mercury®, Volvo Penta and Yamaha®. You’ll also benefit from an engine manufacturer’s warranty plan. Ask your dealer to recommend the best power package for your boating needs.

Limited Warranty


The Winning Edge Owner Protection Plan gives you added peace of mind. It’s one of the finest in the industry. Unlike many warranties, Winning Edge is transferable*, which makes your boat more valuable.



- Structural components of the hull & deck

- Osmotic Hull blistering

- Non-structural
- Nonstructural parts & components
- Against cracking, crazing or fading of the gel coat finish

* Not all of the Winning Edge limited warranty is transferable.
* See your dealer for all limited warranty details.

Stable-Vee® Hull


The Stable-Vee® running surface – an innovation that turned the industry upside down in 1993 – is still the best thing running. So simple … so effective … Four Winns continues to have some of the smoothest running, best handling boats in the world.



Nowhere is the Stable-Vee advantage more evident than during a hard-cranking turn. The running surface clings to the water like it's on rails. Stays flat …for a more car-like feel. So you can turn the corner with confidence and leave all the look-alike hulls in your wake.



Four Winns won the coveted Popular Mechanics award the same year that MerCruiser introduced the Bravo III drive; both continue to be mainstays in the marine industry.

  • Stepped running surface reduces friction/drag while underway
  • After pods help the boat plane more quickly
  • The angle of the rise in the boat’s hull creates a smooth ride
  • Uniquely shaped chines give the boat a large, stable footprint



The extended running surface helps distribute weight, providing better lateral stability while running or at rest.



With the introduction of the SL series, Four Winns sought to create a new category of boats, and a new level of luxury and performance. Even the renowned running surface was fine tuned to meet the needs of discriminating boat buyers. Stable-Vee SC (the SC stands for split chines which characterize the SL running surface.) Those who have tested the boat declare this version of Stable-Vee a total “wow.” And that’s a word that needs no explanation.

Premium Materials


INTELLIGENT ENGINEERING, QUALITY MANUFACTURING. Four Winns brand has been building boats for more than 30 years. During that time, we’ve developed a reputation for doing the little things right. For our owners, that translates into many years of hassle-free boating, and when the time comes to trade up your Four Winns, higher resale values.




Four Winns utilizes the latest computer-aided design technology and ergonomic expertise to ensure maximum comfort for all passengers. That means our boats are fit for you, too.



You’ll appreciate the strength, durability and beauty of stainless steel cleats, lifting eyes, rails and other hardware for many years to come. It’s low maintenance, too!



Four Winns utilizes copper wiring harnesses with a tin coating to inhibit corrosion in saltwater environments. Internal silicone seals protect against damage and the contacts are rated for the high amperages required for today’s.


ComfortRide Seat

This is quite possibly the most comfortable marine seat ever. Its unique foam integrated suspension system absorbs the impact caused by motion for long lasting comfort, while side air vents help passengers keep their cool even on the hottest of days.